Kiwis in Canada Cuz… …again!

Once again, just like every year when the whether gets warm, or in this case stays as warm as it has, Vancouver’s population swells to new capacity. New faces pop up and some old ones resurface. Some veteran migrating Kiwi boys graced us with a visit at the end of this year and I was fortunate enough to spend a bit of time riding Vancouver’s famous bowls with them.

Fraser Booth is no stranger to Vancouver’s spoils and graced us with his signature steez at every park we went to. Case and point: Euro courtesey of Kirkstone skatepark, North Vancouver.

Further evidence with a textbook Table Top.

Jono Hopping was on hand to destroy everything in his path. Known for his street skills, he is not afraid to throw down on transition either. Kirkstone big quarter, big Tailwhip.

Fray-dog well above the fence Turning it down and then some! Alternative shots at ZOMBIEBMX

The latest newest recruit of Kiwi to Vancouver’s shores is this here Mike Hewson. He’s from the same small city as Jono in Hamilton New Zealand and I’d say between Vancouver, LA and Interbike in Vegas Mike’s will never look at Hamilton with the same eyes again. For some of us an experience like that can make our hometown’s feel smaller, like it’s missing something that you may have found in your travels, for others it re-affirms that that’s the place you belong. What this trip means for Mike, who knows. What I do know is he had a shit load of fun while he was here. Mike with a nice 1-foot Table at Hastings ‘street’ section.

Following this post is another small photo batch from the Kiwi boys so if you like these then comeback soon to see the rest of the set.

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