Cuzzies from Kiwiand Part 2

It’s be custom that if you venture to Vancouver you have to make a day out to Ron Mercer’s infamous Woodyard. The kiwi’s loved it so much that they couldn’t help but go twice on their short vacation. Unfortunately Jono never made it out to this session due to writing himself off on a kinked rail the day before. Apparently famed Blazeguard editor JT was their to document Jono’s mishaps so if you kids are lucky their might be a JT edited Jono vid in the works, not confirmed, just sayin’ is all.

Fraser took was in his element slaying wood tranny at every turn, sometimes he would just take it easy and do a Vader nose wheelie across the deck and back into the quarter. This pic is minus the nose wheelie but you get the idea. Fraser Vader Foot-Jam

Mike Hewson is the quietest of the lot but he’s never short of a cheeky grin, a bit of a kiwi characteristic. I’m sure a few Jim Beams later he’s like every other young kiwi I know and is full of  ‘piss & vinegar’! In fact, when it came to talking about their trip to Vegas they were all a bit quiet aside from the fact that all them were going back broke or in debt because of it. Makes me believe they got on like a bunch of ravenous pirates pulling up to port after a long haul at sea. I guess it’s like they say “What goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas!”.

Mike Hewson, decent Taboggan with height thanks to a much lighter wallet

Fraser is a treat to watch and he certainly put his knowledge of his local Vic Park box jump in Auckland to use when he met Ron’s considerably bigger box in Vancouver. Didn’t take long before he was whipping these out almost to the point of no return.

I always like it when I get to spend time with fellow Kiwi’s passing through Vancouver. It means I get to bore them by imparting some of my old wisdom on them and share some of the things that are special to me here. Can’t wait till the next lot arrive and I get to do it all over again!

Cheers for the good times boys, hope thess pics serve to remind you of good times from your adventures. Come back soon!

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