Lazer Diddle

Between Interbike and Texas Toast Jam good pal of M&P, none other than Andrew Lazaruk decided to visit Vancouver while he allowed his liver to recuperate. We always ride the same spots when Lazer’s in town but it funnily enought they always seem to get better.

Lazer eye-balling this familiar and possibly his favourite Vancouver Hip at Park-Gate in North Van.

Here he puts it to good use with a half decent Darkside Table.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Lazer session without a visit to the Woodyard. Ron Mercer is always happy to see Andrew and spends half the session seeing if he can convince Andrew to do some ridiculous line. This time it actually worked and although we don’t have any photos of there is some decent video footage of it so keep your ears to the ground and your eyes open for another stellar Zach Rampen edit of your favourite Macneil rider.

Lazer cranks one down for the masses as the Woodyard.

Much the same, another clicked Turndown, different perspective (mostly so we can thumbnail it on the front page, being that it’s landscape format and all).

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