Slade the Blade: Top 5’s

So this is a new avenue for m&p, we did our first little interview/’get to know’ an exceptional chap and none other than Slade Scherer. As with everythjing we do here it’s a little different from the norm, a little more interesting we hope. Slade is street through and through but if you drag him to some tranny he can hold his own, he’s also a helluva nice guy too. Lets see what he has to say.

East Vancouver. Double peggin’, double kinker.

A.Top 5 Alcohol fueled Incidents

1. Probably the lowest I’ve been while drunk. The first time I tried drinking was on a trip to Vancouver. I was 17 staying at Ryan Hiebert’s house in Burnaby. Matt Desson was a pushing hand in getting me to drink 6 old mills in a short 2 hours. I then proceeded to projectile vomit all over the porch and stairs as well as all over a children’s donation bin.
2. Last Halloween was a good one too. Ended up at a UBC house party with a roof top “patio”  with a custom hand built rope ladder. It was sketchy as to climb over the railing. All done after a Mickey of Sailor Jerry and another of Southern Comfort split between my Girl and I. Needless to say I don’t remember getting down or the stumble through south van and cab ride back to the north shore.
3. Collins 21 birthday, now this wasn’t necessarily fueled by my alcohol consumption as it was Collins’. Great night meeting people and seeing a crazy homeless dude freaking out about a pen. Then proceeding to create the most talented piece of art I’d ever seen. All followed by walking Collin home and then pedaling the 10kms home on Mat Ridgeway’s bike.
4. The day after Collins 21st was my 21st and there was a going away party for Jason Vawter so you know it was a good time. The Sailor broke out and some T-bagging got done.
5. Don’t spread it around but on a trip through Montana this past summer we were told that the state had an open container law. So the whole trip the passengers were having road beers. We were passing cans from Mat’s car to mine (while driving) and back all over the place. After two or three days of this we found out from some locals that the law had been revoked about five years ago.

Street Tuck No Hander at Hastings PNE

B. Top 5 Bike frames you love or would love to break

1. Number one all time frame I would love to destroy would be an original Schwinn Stingray.
2. A close second would be another American made chase hawk frame I’ve gone through 2 of the Taiwanese frames and 1 American. But they felt so good.
3. I would also love an S&M .38 Special if I ever start racing seriously again that would be my dream ride. Chrome all the way.
4. And how could I not mention The WeThePeople C.R.E.A.M. frame. It and I get along so famously. But in all seriousness it’s the current frame I’m on and it feels excellent sliding down any hand rail.
5. And another Sunday frame would be wicked. Considering it’s the only frame I have not either twisted or simply snapped in half.

Slade Brings the dirt tricks to street and the street tricks to dirt. Peggin at the trails .

C. Top 5 Moments with Your bike Good or Bad

1. Directly after sliding down any sizable hand rail is one of the greatest feelings in the world.
2. Driving 3500 plus kms in six days with eight dudes and eight bikes was so many great moments in one.
3. Running from security guards after arguing with them is always a fun time.
4. My first BMX trip down to the states was an amazing experience. Getting to see all sides of Seattle.
5. Worst time would be when I ruined my sisters 15th birthday when I broke my fibula and tibia at the local park in Kelowna.

Another Double pegger courtesy of a double kinker once again in East Van

D. Top 5 Biking Destinations

1. Germany. Lots of brick banks and crazy architecture and the autobahn.
2. New Zealand. Just to see what all the hype is about.
3. California. Low rails. Empty pools.
4. New York. Street Street Street!!
5. Anywhere is Asia would be really crazy to see/ experience.

Gap to Wallride, Hastings PNE

E. Top 5 Bike Vids and Best Section in each

1. Criminal mischief. Van Homan.
2. Bad Idea. Tom Dugan.
3. This is United. Nathan Williams.
4. Etnies Grounded. Aaron Ross.
5. Metal Bikes, Dead Bang. Sean Burns.


Bonus: Top 5 Vinyl.

1. AC/DC – Back in Black
2. Fleetwood Mac – Rumours
3. Meatloaf – Bat Outta Hell
4. Eagles – Hotel California
5. Pink Floyd – The Wall

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