Ask & Thou Shalt Receive

Just 3 days ago was a Thursday and whilst feeling sorry for myself I posted in our facebook page a link to Luke Peters shredding a bowl and said how much it made me miss a Hastings. Low and behold an hour later I’m free from work the skies are clear (the ground is dry too) and my phone rings. It’s none other than the cheekiest Irish bugger I know, Rory Beirne. We both had the same idea and after picking me up we headed to hastings for a shralp. Now bear in mind that we haven’t ridden for a while so this post is not about two dudes getting loose with bangers, it’s merely a sharing of good friends seizing a fine opportuntiy when it’s handed to them and making the most of it.

Here’s Rory just Euro’ing out. Added some film like filters to this one:

Rory lays ’em flat too, nothin’ like a good old table to refresh you:

Rory’s got a good eye behind the camera too and snapped a couple good’ns of the cappy. One Foot film-like Flatty:

Not too bad for a stiff old chap, Lookback and crack:

The weather is back to usual so things may slow down here but we’ll keep doing our utmost to put out content for you when we have it. Thanks for tuning in!


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