Down But Not Out

Been a long time coming but posts are coming back. Being a one man show makes things hard when life and work gets in the way but I’m happy to say that with things calming down I have more time to put back into M&P. The post are going to start trickling in and hopefully in a few month time the flood gates will be opened and you lot will be inundated with content.

I always find it’s best to start at your roots and BMX has no better roots than dirt! The boys in Queensborough are a hard working bunch of shovel smacking dirt artisans. Spearheaded of course by Dillon King, Luke Trayle Boss and assisted by the Queensborough BMX household there is a thriving scene over there with jumps that leave any rider with a smile on their face.

No better place to start than with a trail boss, Dilly 1-Foot Flatty



Andy McGrath has get effortless style, I don’t know if you can even call this a table ‘cos this is just how he sets up for a jump, his actual Tables are ridiculous and twisted upside down. Guess we’ll call it Flat Steezin’!


Andy again with a lovely late afternoon over X-up


Richard Dagger Gregory came back from New Zealand recently after spending a couple months off touring with his gal and shredding his whip at trails around the North Island. Time at the trails has clearly paid off as he clicks out a decent Turndown.


Lil’ Dave Laliberte is a straight up dirt slayer. Actually he kills anything his 2 wheels touch. Stretched out Superman. Watch this kid in action, his lines are crazy!




This man (and Dilly) are responsible for 90% of any decent trails or trail scenes here in the greater Vancouver region. Just remember that the next time you’re in Kits having a blast ¬†or sneaking around some jumps in the Woods out east or any set that’s been built under bridge in Vancouver. Luke the Trayle boss is one of a kind and it shows in his riding, nobody knows dirt like this man. Lazy Thigh Stretcher Euro over the hip.


I hope you enjoyed this post. If you’re ever at some jumps, these ones or others, be kind and grab a shovel or two and slap some dirt around, even a couple buckets of water makes a difference (many hands make light work).

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