Been a minute since we posted. The remnants of muffinandpedal are all but a memory it seems. Today though, I was on a trip down memory lane as I cleaned up my desktop. Being that work and weather keep me from two of my favourite things, Hastings and BMX, I thought it only appropriate to post about those two things.

Anyone who owns a 20inch in Vancouver knows the name Dustin Guenther. If you don’t you should be shot on site. Seriously, don’t admit that to your friends! Dustin has been a huge infleunce on my riding and may be one of the few people I know who loves hastings as much or more than I do. It takes a serious amount of motivation to get there for 8am and is bitter sweet when you know you have work within a few hours of arriving.¬†Still, every Wednesday morning at 8am (sometimes a little later) I would meet him there and ride until one of us had to leave for work. I love this photo because it really captures the moment – Dustin deep in thought, a rare sight to see him psyching himself up for something.


All the anticipation leads up to this, one of his first flairs on the back quarter. Dustin rode away from a few of these but unsatisfied that he didn’t have them ‘dialed’. Always the perfectionist.


Another hastings connoisseur is Gypsy Mike also known as Frenchie. He has tons of style and does lots of moto-esque stuff while flowing the bowl with ease just like this Euro below.


We had a rule though: No pedaling in the bowl! If you broke it you owed the morning crew 20 push ups. Despite being a style cat we busted Mikey numerous times and called him out for it every time. He would always say “I can’t, I’m french” and refused to give Dustin and I our due. He is in the debt of around 200 push ups and that’s just for known offences, god only knows how many he did that went unchallenged.


When Mike left to continue his travels we started a joke that there rumours he was deported by immigration for violating the sacred rules of Hastings. He may have epic tables like this one but if you see him around harass him for our pushups haha. Would be amazing if someone instagrammed the evidence and tagged us @muffinandpedal with the hashtag #mikesdues. Just a thought.


Here’s me nervously extending a dog piss air on a hip that scares me every time I hit it.


Slade Scherer is a good man and a hell of a lot of fun to ride with at hastings. He’s an absolute wildman, I never know what he’s going to do next. This is maybe one of the best Hastings shots I’ve ever taken (for me at least), stretching out those wings on one really Tucked No-Hander.


Maybe this is the last post for muffinandpedal or, maybe it’s the breath of air it needs to resuscitate¬†. All I know is that if it returns it will be different; older, wiser more diverse.

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