Mountains For Melons

Last year I decided to ride my bike as a tribute to my mother, a breast cancer survivor. With no real plan other than to gain and suffer through as much elevation as possible with two other friends we managed to climb 5200m of elevation over the course of 9 or 10 hours. This year we’re going bigger, … Read more

Warming up with Slade!

This is the preview edit to Slade’s up and coming full edit. Slade is a boss, check this out and expect good things from him in a week or two.

Remember the Boat Times (Part 1 of 2)

PART 1 of 2 So about a year a go, some of you will recall, I put up a post (part 1 & part 2) regarding the unusual places you sometimes find yourself through BMX and it described how I ended up on an unbelievable fishing trip up in Northern B.C. Well recently I got … Read more

WEBVID: m&p Roadtrip Part I of II Kelowna & Penticton

Late but as promised here is the first installment of our road trip webvid. Special thanks to Zach Rampen who provided the extra footage (his is the realy nice stable stuff with pans and slides, mine is the other crap). Riders: Slade Scherer, Zach Rampen, Colin Peter Fried, Paul Moffat, Richard Gregory and Nigel from … Read more

NZ Wrap Up Part2: Shredders

This being the second installment of the NZ wrap up series (1 more to go) I wanted to use some riding photos I’ve had on my desktop for a while, they may not be ‘bangers’ but they were all had with great friends whilst having good times and that deserves to be shared. Mike Davies … Read more

NZ Wrap Up

We have been slacking a bit here at Muffinandpedal but we’ve had some important things to deal with lately like residency issues and other boring garbage. Anyway in the next couple posts we’re going to wrap up the New Zealand adventure. This one contains the life and travel aspect of the trip and the one … Read more

The Great Walls of Vancouver

Last weekend winter threw us a break from the usual damp miserable Vancouver weather and rewarded us with a dry sunny day. Only too eager to take advantage of winter’s blessing, John Knowlden and I layered up slapped on some pegs, threw on some gloves and got street as sh@$! John and myself have been … Read more

WEBVID: Woodyard Sessions

Vancouver is home to one of the best private wooden bowls possibly anywhere. Equally as infamous is its creator Ron Mercer. This edit features a a handful of regulars shredding and chipping in at the woodyard and also showcases none other than Ron himself who shows that you’re never to old to progress, have fun … Read more

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