Happy Feet

Well the seasons have officially changed and fall is in full swing. Naturally the thing to do is to squeeze in as many good sessions as you can. Thankfully there has been some exceptional days, almost hinting at an Indian summer and providing ample opportunities to squeeze those sessions and keep those feet shredding and … Read more

15th Avenue

Several months ago the city of Vancouver demolished my beloved outdoor pool on 15th Avenue, only 2 blocks from my house! It was a delightful place just a short walk away and great in the summer heat waves when the beach feels too far. Fond memories of lining up with the the groms and grasshoppers … Read more

Something Fishy! (Part 2 of 2)

Every night we pulled into this beautiful cove where the water was calm and glassy. On one of the evenings we decided to take the row boat  ashore and go exploring. It was like the water in the cove was not the same as the ocean we just came from, it was even warm to … Read more

Can’t Beat the Streets (but they can beat you!)

A couple weekend ago I was reminded of my roots. Dagger and Luis  and I shredded some streets and put some stress on our old bones, well, mine at least. Dagger is always keen for a rail and it always surprises me how comfortable he is on them. Despite how the pic below looks Dagger … Read more

Something Fishy! (Part 1 of 2)

Funnily enough, although this post is un-BMX-related, it’s through BMX that it happened. Living the ‘BMX dream’ in Vancouver has facilitated the opportunity to meet amazing people with a common interest. One of these people is Chad Jones who I’ve spent many an early morning with at Hastings sipping on coffees between dropping in at … Read more

Farethee Well

Our good friend and ex-Vancouver resident Paul Beadle was here in Vancouver for 3 weeks earlier in July.  Whilst here he traveled almost constantly, shredded his whip, got it stolen, shredded everyone else’s whip and reconnected with old friends all whilst escaping the cold climate in the southern hemisphere. There’s not a person alive who … Read more

mushroom and pedal

For many weeks now Trayle Boss, Dyllie and crew have been working hard to dial in their jumps at Kush Trails. Just as often as they dig they have also extended the invitation for people to come out and ride and help out a bit. After a long period of procrastination I managed to make … Read more

Piraat Check: Yeearrr, we be quiet from time ‘t time but we arrrrghhh still here

Yeearrhh! S’cuse me my fellow Muffers, been a long time since Capp’n Muffer graced the pages ‘ere. None the less, its straight back t’ bus’ness. Put down yer wenches and yer joysticks ‘n gather ’round so yer good capp’n can tell yee ’bout a beauty of an ale he’s been samplin’ this eve! Mostly we … Read more

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