Been a minute since we posted. The remnants of muffinandpedal are all but a memory it seems. Today though, I was on a trip down memory lane as I cleaned up my desktop. Being that work and weather keep me from two of my favourite things, Hastings and BMX, I thought it only appropriate to post … Read more

Ask & Thou Shalt Receive

Just 3 days ago was a Thursday and whilst feeling sorry for myself I posted in our facebook page a link to Luke Peters shredding a bowl and said how much it made me miss a Hastings. Low and behold an hour later I’m free from work the skies are clear (the ground is dry too) … Read more

Lazer Doodle

Good friend, Andrew Lazaruk (better known as Lazer), finally escaped from California and has been seen here in Canada on several occasions in recent times. One such time I was lucky enough to convince him to come to Hastings with me for an early morning session. Usually he complains sayin “I don’t like Hastings that … Read more

Big John, Big Table, Big Deal!

A good table is always worthy of a post, a big high assed one even more so and one at Hastings, well, if you have to ask then you don’t belong here. Big John, big and flat! Same thing different angle. Have a nice day and get back to work yee scurvy bastards!  

Quickie but a Goodie!

Always a welcome sight: Hastings skatepark, dry and cloudless. There have been a growing number of days like this lately and the early morning sessions are slowly coming back again, some old faces and some new ones too and all are welcome. Nothing like a delicious coffee and sweet treat while shit talking with your … Read more

Hango Vs Hastings

It’s getting to that time of year when the sun sets early, its getting too cold to ride comfortably and soon it’ll be too wet to ride when motivated. With this in mind  we’ve been squeezing in as many sessions at our favourite spots as we can. For my friends and I there’s no better … Read more

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