Big John, Big Table, Big Deal!

A good table is always worthy of a post, a big high assed one even more so and one at Hastings, well, if you have to ask then you don’t belong here. Big John, big and flat! Same thing different angle. Have a nice day and get back to work yee scurvy bastards!  

Quickie but a Goodie!

Always a welcome sight: Hastings skatepark, dry and cloudless. There have been a growing number of days like this lately and the early morning sessions are slowly coming back again, some old faces and some new ones too and all are welcome. Nothing like a delicious coffee and sweet treat while shit talking with your … Read more

The Great Walls of Vancouver

Last weekend winter threw us a break from the usual damp miserable Vancouver weather and rewarded us with a dry sunny day. Only too eager to take advantage of winter’s blessing, John Knowlden and I layered up slapped on some pegs, threw on some gloves and got street as sh@$! John and myself have been … Read more

Photo of the Week

  On the weekend just been, a group of the Van City Vets and a couple ‘o young’ns headed out for a trip to the Aerodome in Whistler. Once there, Big John and myself realised we’d be happier riding the Whistler concrete park than the foam. Big John was in his element pedaling flat tit … Read more

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