Yards of Wood!

Two weekends ago the Gorilla Jam was on in Victoria over easter, not all of us could make it over that way so a few of us made our way to the Woodyard instead to enjoy a nice mellow session on one of the most spectacular spring days I’ve ever seen. Chris Young here shows … Read more

VIDEO SUBMISSION: Luis Almazan, BMX Videography 2011

Fellow Vancouverite Luis Almazan recently showcased his talent as a videographer when he released a 9minute edit of riding and general goodtimes within the Vancouver area over the span of 2011. It features Kiwis and Vancouver shredders and has a real goodtime feel to it. Makes me look forward to the spring and summer ahead. … Read more

Fall Reflections: Part 2.

Fall is one of those funny seasons, it’s easy to get caught up and bummed out with the less than desirable elements that fall brings: wet weather, transition into cold, soggy slippery leaves on the road and ultimately and sadly the regression of the riding season. However, there is ample to enjoy for the opportunist … Read more

Happy Feet

Well the seasons have officially changed and fall is in full swing. Naturally the thing to do is to squeeze in as many good sessions as you can. Thankfully there has been some exceptional days, almost hinting at an Indian summer and providing ample opportunities to squeeze those sessions and keep those feet shredding and … Read more

Happy Thanks Giving Ya’ll!

Andrew Lazaruk has got some pretty amazing tables. Although, he does complain about bruised shoulders from hitting his stem and split shins from rubbing his top tube while clicking into these. I would feel sorry for the guy except, forĀ  most of us don’t have the ability to contort into these ridiculous Tables so big … Read more

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