Kelowna to Nelson Road Trip (Photos)

Following the release of the first part of our road trip vid, we have a few of the photos from said event. Zach Rampen with a nice T-Bog at the Slocan park. Here’s a preview of the Slocan bowl with an appearance from the Ghetto Mansion boys. Picture doesn’t do it much justice, the deep … Read more

Radical Ron & Zach the Understudy

Radical Ron Mercer is quite a legend in his own right. If you live in Canada you know his name or at the very least what he is currently renown for, the Woodyard. The woodyard is probably one of the best private backyard ramps of all time, the only one I can think of that … Read more

Steet Trannies & Tuck No Hannies!

Here are some gem’s from the weekend. After the weekly early morning Hastings warmup, the crew got motivated and hit the streets. Well, I know it’s transition’ish but it’s street all the same. Slade Scherer is not only a peg wizard, he also throws down a bit of tranny (don’t take that the wrong way).  … Read more

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